At TowerLight Childcare, we believe infants develop best on their own schedule. We use a blended curriculum customized to each child’s unique developmental needs. Example stimuli include story time, tummy time, sensory activities, weekly music time with MacPhail music program and our weekly Rock-a-Bye with our special Grandfriends.


Sign language

In addition, we teach infants to sign simple words and phrases in order to build language skills and empower them to communicate their emotional and physical needs.


Intergenerational activities

Finally, our infants get special time with our on-site seniors during staff-supervised activities such as reading, rocking and play time.


Young Infant Room

At TowerLight Childcare Child Care, our young infant classroom provides each infant quality individual time in a small, homey feeling. This room provides opportunities for children from ages 6 weeks to 12 months to have their needs met on their own schedule. Our caring teachers develop trusting relationships with the infants and are able to understand their different cues and are able to respond to meet their needs. Our room also provides an enclosed crib room allowing each child opportunities for quiet sleeping on their own schedule. TowerLight Childcare provides formula, baby food, diaper wipes, and other daily necessities.


Older Infant Room

TowerLight Childcare provides a unique opportunity for our infants from 12 months to 18 months old. Our older infant room creates an environment which allows for this age group to explore and develop large muscles during this time of growth. Our room has activities that will encourage each infant to develop skills in walking, talking and coordination. Our large windows bring in our world, allowing the infant to visually explore the wonderful Minnesota seasons. In our older infant room, we start our weekly schedule activity time with our Grandfriends in their senior environment.

Once a week, we will visit our Grandfriends to develop our new friendships through story times, music times, and art activities. Our older infant room is arranged to be a play-based learning environment which includes centers focused around dramatic play, music, puzzles, books, blocks, manipulative toys, art area and large muscle areas.

What is included in our infant rooms?

When your infant is ready, we will provide organic infant food made in our kitchen by our own chef. If you choose to use infant formula, we provide Gerber Good Start Sensitive formula. We also provide diaper wipes for each child. Once your infant is ready for table food, our chef provides breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack - all made on site and delivered to the classroom. We believe that education includes learning and experiencing a wide range of foods. Our chef provides organic dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. We work hard to provide a monthly menu which is low in sugars and high in healthy proteins, grains, fruits, and vegetables.