(32 months - 4 years, 1 to 10 ratio)

TowerLight's preschool program is specifically designed to prepare children for a successful transition to Kindergarten.

Our team frequently consults area teachers and reviews curriculum requirements to make sure children in our care enter school with the skills needed to meet and exceed current classroom expectations. During this time, children's daily structure becomes even more focused, with the goal of developing more advanced science, math, language and fine arts skills.

Our curriculum is designed to address the cognitive, social, emotional, fine motor and large motor development needs of each child. The curriculum is supported by the Minnesota Early Childhood Indicator's of Progress (ECIP). Weekly lessons are created to enhance & stimulate hands-on learning, creative expression, discovery, independent self-help skills, problem solving, language development and Kindergarten readiness.

Social skills
In addition to preparing for Kindergarten's educational needs, pre-K children at TowerLight learn important lessons in socialization and cultural awareness through team sports, field trips, community service and increased time with our on-site seniors.

Intergenerational activities
The benefits of our intergenerational program really come into focus during these years, as children and seniors truly begin sharing experiences and retaining what they learn from one another—from songs and stories to respect and compassion. Preschoolers take pride in being helpful and become comfortable around disability and diversity. These opportunities develop skills in compassion, kindness, community responsibility and citizenship.

Supervised activities include gardening, dancercise, movie time, attending cultural performances (such as Irish cloggers and Native American dance circles), bowling, fishing and more.