Our carefully-designed toddler classrooms offer the following six learning centers tailored to the toddler age group: art, construction, discovery, dramatic play, language and music, and movement.

To foster a sense of independence, our teachers positively encourage and assist toddlers while they practice and master self-help skills. While engaged in fun activities, toddlers discover their likes and talents and develop a sense of how family, friends, and community fit into their lives.

TowerLight Childcare provides an Intergenerational learning environment and activities are planned to provide experiences on a daily and weekly schedule. This includes time for our Grand friends to come and read to us or visiting our senior side for an activity based around our curriculum theme of the week.  Through our relationship-building activities, our toddlers learn acceptance of each other and our Grandfriends as unique individuals.


Young Toddler Room

Our toddlers enjoy exploring an environment that allows them to be toddlers! Our teachers set up the room for exploration and messy play all with the understanding that toddlers learn through hands-on experiences. Our room is designed with child size sinks, equipment, and cubbies for them to develop self-help skills. The daily schedule will provide ample time in the morning and afternoon to experience the world around us through our outdoor playground, indoor play area, or the large Intergenerational garden area. Toddlers will experience a wide range of music development from MacPhail classes to sharing in our Grandfriends' music activities during the week. As our young toddlers develop new found language skills, we partner with our Pre-Kindergarten friends to come and share storytelling and games to help our toddlers grow in their new skills.


Older Toddler Room

When your child is all over the place, it's because they're discovering their world. TowerLight Childcare Older Toddlers, ages 26 months to 33 months, learn best in safe, loving places where they can explore in their own way. The activities for this age group are built around toddlers' limitless curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries.

Through daily activities that include skills development in language and literacy, cognitive area, executive functioning, creative expression, non-cognitive behaviors, and physical wellness. Our caring toddler teachers provide hands-on experiences encouraging exploration with all senses during the day. Toddlers will work on preparing for the next step of preschool with potty training. Children will explore our special Grandfriends' time in our classroom and on our senior side. Time with our Grandfriends allows us to develop our new language skills with learning to work with our special friends in art activities or fun science building. Once a week, our older toddlers have an opportunity to sign up for Soccer Shots or Dance Time. These extra activities allow your toddlers to experience new group instructions while parents are working.


Typical Daily Toddler Schedule

Our toddler rooms start the day with small group welcoming activities. Children will be served breakfast in their rooms at 8:00 am. After breakfast, toddlers will explore the outside time and then exploration time in the classroom. Lunch is served around 11:30 and rest time between 12:30 to 3:00 pm. After a nap, our day starts all over with snack time, outside time and exploration time. Our toddlers will have potty time or diaper time throughout the day.

A Day in the life of a Toddler at Towerlight Child Care

Arrival Time

As Toddlers arrive they hang their jackets and backpacks in their cubbies with the help of mom or dad. Then it’s a hug and a kiss goodbye. Some days it is hard to say goodbye, so it might require extra hugs and reassurance from the teacher. Other days they run to join their friends already playing in one of the many learning centers that are set up to foster children’s sense of wonder, exploration, and development.

Learning Centers

Teachers set up the classroom for exploration and messy play all with the understanding that toddlers learn through hands-on experiences. Our room is designed with child size sinks, equipment, and cubbies for them to develop self-help skills. The Learning Centers include art, construction, discovery, dramatic play, language, music, and movement. Teachers support the toddlers play by encouraging cooperation, language development and sparking their imagination during Learning Center time.

Meal Times

At Towerlight we serve breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. After washing their hands, the toddlers sit down at their toddler sized tables to enjoy a meal prepared on site by our child care chef. Meal time is a time for role modeling how to use utensils & dishes and a time for socializing between the children and teachers. Toddlers are taught how to put away their dishes and wash their hands and faces when done eating.

Circle Time

During Circle Time the toddlers sing songs, listen to stories, practice counting, talk about the weather and have discussions about topics from our monthly theme.

Potty Breaks

This is a very important part of the day for Toddlers who are potty training. Even Toddlers in diapers are learning about potty training through conversations with their teachers and other children. There is lots of excitement in a Toddler Classroom when one of the children goes on the potty! Potty time happens throughout the day as needed by the child.

Large Muscle Time

This is a time to develop walking, running, climbing and balance skills. At least twice per day Toddlers will have time outside on our playground or if there is inclement weather, they will play in our large motor room.

Nap Time

Toddlers transition to nap after lunch and potty time by curling up with a blanket from home on their cot, listening to soft, relaxing music. Children nap for one to two hours, depending on their needs. Early risers may get to go for a walk to the Senior Living side to visit with their Grandfriends.

Intergenerational Activities

Children will have special time with their Grandfriends' in our classroom and on the senior side. This time allows us to develop our new language and social skills with our special Grandfriends’ in story time, art activities, fun science exploration and through music class with McPhail Center for Music.

Parent Pick Up Time

This is a time to communicate with your Toddler’s teacher about their day, see your child interacting with other children and get that hug you have been waiting for all day! And for some Toddlers, it may be time for a melt down because they don’t want to leave their toys and friends at Towerlight!