(16 33 months, 1 to 7 ratio)

Toddlers at TowerLight continue to enjoy the freedom to learn and grow at their own pace, with additional structure built into the day to help focus development of their large muscle stimulation and fine motor skills. 

Our school day is filled with lessons and structured play, and nap time is limited to once a day. We explore science through sensory object manipulation, build large muscle and fine motor skills through art, music, theater and dance, develop independent self help skills while taking care of our needs and wants and learning to problem solve during our school day.

Our curriculum is supported by the Minnesota Department of Education's Early Indicator's of Progress (ECIP). Families are offered formal conferences biannually. TowerLight toddler environments are set up to encourage individual and small and large group education where children experience a wide rage of activities to encourage the development of the whole child.

Intergenerational activities
Toddlers spend even more time with our Grand Friends, building real bonds of friendship and trust. Staff supervised intergenerational activities include story time and song time (for our hellos and good-byes) from our music curricculum The children and seniors plant, water and observe the growth of plants and flowers during playground and garden time.