The Safety of Child Care Centers During COVID-19

Making Sure Your Children Stay Safe in Our Care

During this pandemic, young families have wondered about the safety of child care centers during COVID-19. They often have to make difficult decisions on whether to bring their child to childcare center or keep them home.  With fear of exposing their child to COVID19, it makes sense that parents struggle with what is best for their child.

Since March 2020, there have been several studies and research conducted by Yale University, Brown University, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and others, which concluded child care facilities are one of the safest places your child can be at.

The early childhood community is the back bone of the economy.   As a vital member of economic success of this country, this community early on, implemented higher standards of safety measures in facilities, such as cohort groups, frequent hand washing, wellness checks of Educators and children, disinfecting of equipment, high level air filtration systems, limiting outside vendors in the facility and many more factors.  These measures have shown children and staff are less likely to contact COVID-19.  Towerlight Child Care participated in the Yale and Brown studies, which surveyed around 57,000 child care providers throughout June, July, and August 2020.  These studies outcome proved reassuring data that sending your young child to child care DOES NOT add a higher risk of contracting the virus.

These studies did not say that children and workers cannot contract COVID-19, but states they are less likely to contract it. It is also important to note that, according to NAEYC, when these studies began, “many states still had stay-at-home orders in place, and about 18 percent of child care centers and 9 percent of in-home programs were closed”.

Research and data are helpful information for young families.  This information is pointing to minimal COVID-19 risk and can give reassurance to parents on sending their child to Towerlight Child Care.

Here at Towerlight Child Care, we have a partnership with Fairview Health Systems; this partnership helps to be on top of the ever changing information on COVID-19.   Being in the forefront of knowledge, it allows us to adapt best practices in our classrooms to continue to provide the safety environment for the little ones in our care.

Our child care center is here to help families feel secure while their working.  We look forward to continuing in providing a warm, safe, secure environment for all who attend Towerlight Child Care.

Contact us today to learn more about how we’re keeping Towerlight Childcare kids healthy as well as their families.